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You know when you meet people and you just want to be besties right off the bat? That's this family! Not only are they the most gorgeous family ever but they're insanely fun, well mannered kiddos, and the sweetest hearts in the world. 

Mama's maternity session was a dream and would you believe there was a storm impending. We had to shoot fast!  Big sister and brother were seriously the best behaved kiddos, we were in and out within 20 minutes. Then it rained and rained.  Can you believe how gorgeous the light is?

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Sweet tiny baby girl Capri came right on time and Lindsay had the absolute best advice I've ever been given...

“Oh Laurel! I’m so excited for you and even jealous!!! You get to experience the absolute BEST day of your life very soon. It’s dreamy and glorious and no matter how hard it is, it’s just the best day ever. I wish I could redo it over and over again just to experience that kind of joy again.” 

In just a few short sentences, she changed my entire outlook. Even after having my two babies, I didn’t look at it like this. Yes labor is hard, no one is denying that. Yes labor is tiring. And even more, labor can be scary buuut if you have this sense of calm and excitement towards it, it WILL make it more pleasant.  

So next time you see a very prego mama, don’t say “ugh I bet you’re SO ready” “you look ready to POP” “aren’t you miserable?” Share this with them instead. And for all you expecting mamas, may your labor this dreamy! ✨✨✨

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Xo- Laurel

baby girl is here...

Sorry it's been a little quiet around here, I've just been welcoming new life into the world and living the dream of mom of three! Our little perfect Poppy Camille was born May 30th 2018 and she's the absolute addition to our crazy crew. Thankfully she's insanely easy going, loves lots of noise and sleeps like a champ - all musts for our house! 

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Spring Mini Sessions

Now booking ...

SPRING MINI SESSIONS in two beautiful locations, the wildflower fields in San Juan Capistrano & Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point. 🌼☀️🌊

Because I'm starting to waddle like a 🤰🏼🐥, I will only be booking a limited number of mini sessions so hop to it if you're interested! 🐰

Book today by clicking here or pay with Venmo & save 10% by texting me your desired time.

 Wildflower Fields in San Juan Capistrano

Wildflower Fields in San Juan Capistrano

 Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point

Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point

Also note my schedule for May and June is filling up FAST! I'm only taking a couple more sessions so email me ASAP if you'd like to get scheduled! 

Xo- Laurel

my own crazy life | personal

One of my goals for 2018 is to be more transparent so you'll start seeing more of own people, my own face and my own life in these posts and social media. I'm terrible in front of the camera so bear with me. 😂

Jan 2018 Herzog Boys-2.jpg

For now, we'll start with my crazy boys. They are SO wild but so much fun! Nixon is 7 and such a little ball of fun. He's cuddly and loving with me but wild and rambunctious with his brother and dad. He's also in 2nd grade at a Spanish immersion school so he's fluent in Spanish. That makes his homework a challenge to say the least.

Jan 2018 Herzog Boys-9.jpg
Jan 2018 Herzog Boys-10.jpg

These two boys constantly talk about poop, toots, who's the boss and who's the winner. It's insane. I thought there being 5 years between them would hinder a bit of the arguing and competition but oh was I wrong! My husband started tracking all the ridiculous things we have to say on a daily basis. My latest favorite was last night at dinner... "Hudson, don't lick your brother at the dinner table." Like what?! 


Jan 2018 Herzog Boys-4.jpg
Jan 2018 Herzog Boys-5.jpg
Jan 2018 Herzog Boys-11.jpg

Hudson on the other hand is deeeep in the terrible twos. He's so sassy, bossy and demanding. Thankfully my hubby and I are both pretty chill so it's mostly funny but oh man he can be naughty. He's also just hilarious and has SO much personality. He totally calls you out for everything and climbs like there's no tomorrow. We regularly find him on the kitchen counters or climbing the pantry walls. 

Jan 2018 Herzog Boys-6.jpg
Jan 2018 Herzog Boys-7.jpg

My prego belly is finally starting to show (20 weeks along) so I'll need to show some pictures soon too. Better hope this little girl is ready for two crazy brothers but I bet she'll be one tough little cookie. Every night we sit and feel her little kicks and both boys talk and read to her. Cue melting into a puddle of mom love! 💗


Jan 2018 Herzog Boys-8.jpg