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Happy 2019!

Seems unreal that another year has come and gone. Another year of baby’s born, birthdays, vacations, family memories and growth. Another year. Why does time go faster as we age? It doesn't seem fair. When were younger, time goes so slow and as we age and really start to enjoy our time, it goes faster. One of life’s greatest conundrums.

Each year I choose ONE LITTLE WORD to remind me about my goals. Last year my word was GROWTH. I grew a child, we grew our home, I grew relationships, my business grew, I had quite the year of growth.

Poppy Lea Baby Photography Orange County

This year it’s INTENTIONAL. I want to be more intentional about my time. My time at work. My time with kids. My time with my hubby. My time for me. Its so easy to get trapped in the social media phone zone and loose precious hours in a day, by habit alone. So I started off the New Year by deleting the Instagram app from my phone. What an eye opening experience. I was seriously addicted.

While the app is back on my phone now, it still holds a different place. I don’t crave it. I don’t reach for it first thing in the morning. I don’t have a habit.

Now I have set times that are scheduled into my day for social media and it’s truly work rather than random scrolling! Now I focus on my own babies instead of watching strangers with theirs. I have to choose to make this my priority because we all know how easy it is to get caught up in it again.

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Client Closet || Orange County Maternity and Newborn Photographer

One of my favorite parts of photography is styling my clients for their sessions. Some clients send texts with photos, some meet in person weeks in advance and some just trust the process and decide day of, but anyway you cut it... This is the fun stuff!

Now as mamas, this is also the s-t-r-e-s-s-f-u-l part. Putting outfits together that coordinate, fit everyone and don't have yogurt on them 😂 (#reallife) is tough stuff. That's why I love to help! Today on my Instagram Stories I'm taking a poll before I add a couple new pieces. But for the kiddos I already have splurged a little...

July Style Board, Poppy Lea Photography, Wardrobe

If you're not using my wardrobe options, then try to stick to colors that compliment and don't match, and choose clothing that isn't a distraction in your images. Feel free to always text/email me photos too, I like to think I know what styles and cuts look best in photographs!

Keep an eye out on the blog... Next week, I'll be adding a full post with links to my favorite outfits for everyone in the family. Fall family sessions are coming up and while you're out school clothes shopping you can keep these in mind. 

Xo- L

Blair is THREE \\ Children's Photography, Orange County Baby Photographer

Can you believe I've known Blair since she was 8 weeks old?! And now she's THREE! She was in my New Mom School group with Hudson and I've been photographing her ever since. 

Newport beach, kids photography, orange county

This may be my favorite part of photography, getting to watch all of these adorable babies grow into little people and their personalities explode!

Blair is the sweetest little thing, mild mannered with the biggest little grin I've ever seen! 

Meet Baby Tyler \\ Newborn Photography, Orange County

I met the Alexson Family a couple years ago for a fall family session and I knew I loved them from the second we met. They're lively and fun with two (now three) boys. Carey has fantastic style so I always know the whole family come perfectly dressed and styled. We did Carey's maternity session at the beach here in San Clemente on the most gorgeous night with low tide. You have to see it! Click here.

Tyler Alexson.jpg

For little Tyler's newborn session we did a lifestyle session in their beautiful home. The entire session was done in their master bedroom and little Tyler seriously didn't make a peep the entire 2 hours. Both brothers were on their best behavior and I can't believe the cuteness that we got out of them! 

newborn lifestyle session, orange county poppy lea photography

I can't wait to watch these brothers grow and photograph all their future wrestling matches! #boymom 💙💙💙

Xo- Laurel

Meet baby Capri || Maternity and Newborn Photography, Orange County

You know when you meet people and you just want to be besties right off the bat? That's this family! Not only are they the most gorgeous family ever but they're insanely fun, well mannered kiddos, and the sweetest hearts in the world. 

Mama's maternity session was a dream and would you believe there was a storm impending. We had to shoot fast!  Big sister and brother were seriously the best behaved kiddos, we were in and out within 20 minutes. Then it rained and rained.  Can you believe how gorgeous the light is?

maternity newborn photoshoot san juan capistrano

Sweet tiny baby girl Capri came right on time and Lindsay had the absolute best advice I've ever been given...

“Oh Laurel! I’m so excited for you and even jealous!!! You get to experience the absolute BEST day of your life very soon. It’s dreamy and glorious and no matter how hard it is, it’s just the best day ever. I wish I could redo it over and over again just to experience that kind of joy again.” 

In just a few short sentences, she changed my entire outlook. Even after having my two babies, I didn’t look at it like this. Yes labor is hard, no one is denying that. Yes labor is tiring. And even more, labor can be scary buuut if you have this sense of calm and excitement towards it, it WILL make it more pleasant.  

So next time you see a very prego mama, don’t say “ugh I bet you’re SO ready” “you look ready to POP” “aren’t you miserable?” Share this with them instead. And for all you expecting mamas, may your labor this dreamy! ✨✨✨

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Xo- Laurel