Millie & Maddie || Newport Beach Newborn Twin Girls

When I first chatted with this twin mama on the phone, she was so laid back and easy I knew this was going to be an epic session. Didn't you know relaxed mamas makes relaxed babies! 

Twin Newborn Girls Corona del Mar

It did not disappoint. The whole family is gorgeous and stylish to boot. Their older daughter was PERFECT! She is barely two years old and she was an absolute dream! Putting newborn twins in the hands of any other two year old would give me a serious heart attack but this little one handled it like a champ! I mean look at that face!!!

M&M Newborn Twin Girls with Sister

Miss Millie & Maddie were sleepy and content the entire 3 hour session. I love the bond twins share and the comfort of the other close by. You could tell these girls really were happier when they were close.

Newborn Twin Girls Newport Beach
Girl Twins Newborn Newport Beach
Newborn Baby Girl Newport Beach Lace Romper

Oh my goodness! Aren't they toooooo cute! I can't wait for their 6 month sitter sessions!