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One of my goals for 2018 is to be more transparent so you'll start seeing more of own people, my own face and my own life in these posts and social media. I'm terrible in front of the camera so bear with me. πŸ˜‚

Jan 2018 Herzog Boys-2.jpg

For now, we'll start with my crazy boys. They are SO wild but so much fun! Nixon is 7 and such a little ball of fun. He's cuddly and loving with me but wild and rambunctious with his brother and dad. He's also in 2nd grade at a Spanish immersion school so he's fluent in Spanish. That makes his homework a challenge to say the least.

Jan 2018 Herzog Boys-9.jpg
Jan 2018 Herzog Boys-10.jpg

These two boys constantly talk about poop, toots, who's the boss and who's the winner. It's insane. I thought there being 5 years between them would hinder a bit of the arguing and competition but oh was I wrong! My husband started tracking all the ridiculous things we have to say on a daily basis. My latest favorite was last night at dinner... "Hudson, don't lick your brother at the dinner table." Like what?! 


Jan 2018 Herzog Boys-4.jpg
Jan 2018 Herzog Boys-5.jpg
Jan 2018 Herzog Boys-11.jpg

Hudson on the other hand is deeeep in the terrible twos. He's so sassy, bossy and demanding. Thankfully my hubby and I are both pretty chill so it's mostly funny but oh man he can be naughty. He's also just hilarious and has SO much personality. He totally calls you out for everything and climbs like there's no tomorrow. We regularly find him on the kitchen counters or climbing the pantry walls. 

Jan 2018 Herzog Boys-6.jpg
Jan 2018 Herzog Boys-7.jpg

My prego belly is finally starting to show (20 weeks along) so I'll need to show some pictures soon too. Better hope this little girl is ready for two crazy brothers but I bet she'll be one tough little cookie. Every night we sit and feel her little kicks and both boys talk and read to her. Cue melting into a puddle of mom love! πŸ’—


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