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I’ve had people tell me that I know a lot about baby’s and kids because…

  • A. I have THREE of my own with an 8 year age gap total so I’ve been around the block for a while


  • B. I am an Orange County Baby Photographer

While I still have a ton to learn, believe me, you never really know it all.

However, I do have my systems in place that seem to have worked for my own kiddos. We’ll see when they’re teenagers and throwing everything against me but that’s another story. At least for babies, I think I have it down. So I decided to start writing a series of blog posts to cover my favorite baby things. Today we’ll talk toys. Next week maybe feedings, then schedule etc,

Here is a quick list of my TOP 5 BABY TOYS for ages 0-12 months ( All available on Amazon of course, like I have time to shop in person! Ha!)

  1. Discovery Ball - This is perfect for babies who are able to sit unassisted through crawlers. While they’re sitting the ball can be stationary and still spin and sing songs. While they’re crawling you can take it off the base and it rolls on the ground which is super fun for new crawlers to chase. I especially love that it doesn’t make sound unless you move it. So if baby wants it to sing, she has to do the work. I’m not a fan of constant singing toys, not only are they annoying but they don’t teach anything to baby.

  2. Zany Zoo - I’ve had this since my oldest’s (who’s almost 9) first Christmas. Its done through all my babies and played with A LOT each time. AND it still looks brand new! Like seriously, new! This is a great one for sitters and crawlers and even walking. Not great for those learning to pull up, as its not heavy enough and can fall backwards on them but it happens and no harm is done, just scares baby a little. My older boys love to move the pieces around for her and it’s generally entertaining for all.

  3. Watermelon Teether - I don’t know that a teether is considered a toy but in our house this is a must. Again its gone through each kid and its a crowd favorite for every single one. You can throw in the fridge when they’re in serious pain but most of them time its just an easy toy to grab and go. Easy for them to carry around and the chew on throughout the day!

  4. Wooden Food - This set was purchased to go with the shopping cart also my Melissa and Doug we already have. Yes this is for older kids, not ideal for 0-12 months but the food is perfect! She loves to play with the banana and the fish and the chicken wing. She bangs the wooden pieces together and practices putting them in the crates and taking them out. As she gets older I know she’ll love the shopping cart too but not quite yet.

  5. Carseat Mobile - Unfortunately being the 3rd baby, we spend a lot of time in the car going too and from school and practice and blah blah blah! That means she’s great in the car (as long as Raffi is playing) and we have good car toys. This one is a fav! We have taken it in restaurants and grocery shopping. Lots of options to play with and chew on and its cute so win-win!

There you have it, Top 5 Favorite Baby Toys for Ages 0-12 Months. What are your favorite baby toys?

xoxox- Laurel

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