A letter to my oldest on his 9th birthday || Orange County Children's Photographer

When Nixon was born, I was young. Like 24 and anxious about everything. I had no clue what I was doing, constantly worried about every little thing and I felt like the first year dragged on forever. I specifically remember thinking that it took so long before I could give him sweets. What a weird thing to think but it felt like forever.

Now on our third baby, life is so different. I don’t worry at all. I don’t Google every burp or weird sound she makes, I don’t call my mom at the slightest mood change. She will be fine. She will eventually eat all the veggies and do all the walking and running and sign language. She’s just doing it on her time, just like all babies.

I always say I wish I was a third time parent from the get-go. It’s so much more relaxing and fun. I truly enjoy every moment instead of being filled with anxiety and worry. And in turn, it’s felt like this year flew by.

When I became a mom, I finally found my reason on this planet. I was made to be a mom. I was made to raise little kids and it’s insanely easy for me. I know that’s not true for everyone, my husband included, but for me this is my WHY. So on Nixon’s NINTH birthday, there are a few things I hope he’ll someday read and treasure.

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You are loving beyond measure. Your siblings are so lucky to have to be their guiding light and protector. You don’t want or need a lot of friends and the ones you have, you love deeply and show true loyalty. You don’t follow the crowd at all at, you are a leader in your heart and one day you will use that to rule the world. You are insanely creative, you have been from the start. When you were little you would make cars out of your hands and drive them around on an invisible track. Now you draw and create any chance you get, your mind has more imagination than anyone I’ve ever seen. I’m so interested in what you’ll do for work one day - You’ll combine your leadership skills, your love of art, and your imagination to write books or movies, be an architect or something of the sort. For now you still say you want to be a fighter jet pilot though!

Your dad and I are so proud of you. Your integrity and honesty are something that will be tested throughout the next chapter in your life and I completely believe you will stay true to yourself and your values while being tested. You don’t conform to others and that will be so important as you enter junior high and high school. Stay true to you, be honest always, never back down for what you know is true or right, fight for yourself and your family. We will always fight for you, we will always be your cheerleaders and sounding board. You can always talk to us without judgement or fear. Laugh a lot. Find a passion and follow it with all your heart. Believe in yourself more than anyone else. Go outside and be active as much as possible, choose a sport and do it with all your might. Have confidence in yourself. You are incredible and loved by so many. I hope you always remember that and feel it in your heart.

Love you more, Mama

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