Celebrate Motherhood Sneak Peeks Part 2 || Orange County Motherhood Photographer

As an Orange County Motherhood Photographer, this event literally made my heart sing. I’ve been craving these images for so long and to finally see them on film is incredible. I knew they would turn out amazing but my stunning clients have far surpassed my dreams and aspirations.

I am actually jealous I don’t have these with my own kids. My sweet hubby tried to take some with me and my littles the same day but it’s just not the same. This just goes to show you, it’s the artist behind the camera that your paying for. Not the equipment or the props or the wardrobe. The art behind all of that is priceless. That may sound cocky but I promise you it’s not. I’m not like that. I just hear people say all the time that upgrading their equipment or their wardrobe will make their images better, in a sense yes but not really. Really you need to work on the connections and the soul of your art. If you’re not a photographer, I’m boring you so that why this is all apart of a one day workshop I’m putting together for photographers, launching end of summer.

Back to these beautiful mamas…