Mothers Day Mini Sessions || Newport Beach

Being a mom, the most cherished items in my possession are my photos with my kids. I'm rarely in front of the camera but when I am, I always love those moments. I often make excuses like "I don't have makeup on", "I'm in yoga pants", "I haven't washed my hair in days" <<<< real life By the way!  

No more excuses! No more hiding from the camera. 

This is as much a mantra to myself as it is to all the other moms too. 

For Mother's Day this year, I'm hosting indoor and outdoor Mommy & Me photos. Indoor sessions will be at the New Mom School Studio in Newport Beach, while outdoor will be at Victoria's Beach in Laguna. Both options are beautiful! I offer indoor session because timing wise, beach sunset sessions can be hard with little babies. I have an array of dresses for you to wear as well as flower crowns to add.  This year I'm thrilled to join forces with Flawless Faces in Costa Mesa to offer both hair and makeup at your own home prior to the session. (That's the whole no more excuses part!)

Indoor sessions are Saturday 3/29 from 10am - 1pm

Outdoor sessions are Thursday 3/27, Friday 3/28 and Saturday 3/29 at 6:30pm.

SESSIONS ARE BOOKED... Keep an eye out for future styled session availability.

Update: Here are a few photos from the sessions! I love the bright and airy look that these photos portray! Plus that emotion, I love the bond between a mom and her babies!

Kamila & twins Mommy & me
Julie Mommy & Me
Erin Mommy & Me Victoria's Beach
Kamila & twins Mommy & Me floral swing
Julie Mommy & Me Studio
Erin Mommy & Me Beach at Sunset